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Whenever I listen to Emily's music the first thing that strikes me is the sheer beauty to the ear. The multi-layered texture of harmony and rhythm is innovative, sometimes surprising, and always satisfying. The second thing I feel is the strong sense of place in her music, and I give myself over to being swept away to that place. Finally, there is a strong emotional connection for me, sometimes melancholy, sometimes whimsical and lively, into which I find myself drawn. Always a wonderful listening experience!

Robert Chastain



“Music of Strangers”, by Chris McGee, won the Best Short Film, Moondance Film Festival, 2009.
The score was written by Emily Bond.



Emily's music was used exclusively in the stage production "Secrets" on October 27, 2012, at ETown in Boulder.

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"Caffeinated Piano #9"
by David Coile

featuring the music of Emily Bond ("Ancient of Days")
and the art and poetry of Robert Chastain

featuring the music of Emily Bond
and the art of Kendra Fleischman

Kendra Fleischman is a visual artist from Golden, Colorado.
Her work explores many genres including video, animation, mixed media and sculpture.
You can view more of her work at www.kendrafleischman.com


Le Metro (1st of 3 scenes)
from Christopher McKee on Vimeo.

Love is for Three (3rd scene)
from Christopher McKee on Vimeo.



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