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Emily Bond is a composer living in Boulder, Colorado.

Her music has a unique acoustic sound of energized piano, either solo or woven through orchestral elements. Her music has been described as highly visual, with a rich and varied harmonic texture, reflecting the beauty and adventure of Colorado's landscape.

She loves exploring the infinite possibilities for modulations with modal harmonies on a well-tempered scale, but can also write in many other styles.

She draws her inspiration from working collaboratively with filmmakers, and derives great satisfaction in making scenes come to life by setting the mood with music.


Emily Bond, composer for TV and movies



Emily was the recipient of the Spirit Award for Best Film Score at the Moondance Film Festival in 2008 for her CD “The Good Earth.”

She has written scores for other award-winning films, including:

  • “The Crust Never Sleeps,” Best Comedy at the 2008 Boulder Shoot-Out Film Festival.
  • “Music of Strangers”, by Chris McGee, Winner of Best Short Film, Moondance Film Festival, 2009.

She has produced 6 CDs of her music:



The Song of the Tainted Angel
By David Coile and B.J. Suter
music by Emily Bond, which inspired the video


Music Videos

Caffeinated Piano #9
by David Coile

by Kendra Fleischman


Emily's music was used in two scenes of a video which won first place for shorts at the 2009 Moondance International Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

Le Metro (1st of 3 scenes) from Christopher McKee on Vimeo.

Love is for Three (3rd scene) from Christopher McKee on Vimeo





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